Wan Xinglong Group is a steady and energetic enterprise. It adheres to the enterprise spirit of "diligence, dedication, pioneering and pragmatic", and is willing to cooperate with friends in chemical fiber industry, real estate and investment to share the results. Wan Xinglong Group is committed to working with customers to "prosper all industries and win-win the world".
With the continuous infiltration of the Internet application environment, information technology has brought us new development ideas and new application scenarios. Wanxinglong website is a window and a bridge. It provides rich and timely enterprise information, listens to the opinions and suggestions of customers and all walks of life, in order to improve the corporate governance structure and business level.
Faced with the tide of knowledge economy, Wan Xinglong people are full of pride and confidence: as long as we work conscientiously, study tirelessly, face challenges and dare to explore, we will certainly be able to build Wan Xinglong Group into a first-class innovative enterprise. That's why we share your confidence in the future.
Wan Xinglong people are willing to join hands with friends from all walks of life to create a brilliant future!

Chairman of the group: Xu Weixu

Xu Weixu,founded wanxinglong group in 1991, mainly engaged in textile, dyeing, sponge, real estate, financial investment and management. In 1992, he was appointed Vice Chairman of the board of the Jinjiang South overseas Chinese middle school. In 2001, it was founded by Wan Xing Long Group as the president of the group. In 2001, he joined Djin, and he was elected the main Committee of the Jinjiang branch of the DPP in 03. In 2003, he served as the executive director of the first Council of Jinjiang Charity Federation. In 2004, he served as the first executive member of Fujian integrity Promotion Association, executive director of Jinjiang General Chamber of Commerce and executive director of the International Chamber of Commerce. He was elected the ninth and tenth members of Quanzhou CPPCC, and the ninth and tenth Standing Committee of Jinjiang CPPCC. He is currently a member of the Democratic Fujian Provincial Committee and a member of the Quanzhou Municipal Committee. The chairman of the current board of the group.