Wanxinglong Group always regards human resources as the primary task of enterprise management, and adheres to the policy of "managing people first and developing people first". We insist on the principle of "not only education, seniority, merit and talent, pay attention to performance" and "the ability to perform" and "the ordinary person, the inferior, the inferior", and to form the enterprise values of "writing life with the performance to embody the value" and "making the outstanding person with good fame and wealth, so that the people who can not make up the number" are encouraged. Read. Insist on letting the right person do the right thing, and make the professional person do professional thing. We must adhere to the mechanism of retaining talents and creating talents by career to attract, cultivate and retain people. Pay attention to staff training, and require managers at all levels to establish "cultivate subordinates is to promote their own" concept of education, so that every employee can fully play their intelligence and intelligence, with the enterprise and the common growth.